WE ARE VERY BOLD -2 COR. 3:12 " Since we have such a hope, we are very bold " 2 Corinthians 3:12

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restocks every Sunday 

restocks every Sunday 



bold statement jewelry for the bold babe
Dark Ox Blood Poppy Out of stock

Dark Ox Blood Poppy

Modern Rainbow Neutral Out of stock

Modern Rainbow Neutral

Spooky Season Out of stock

Spooky Season

Curren Speckled (dark) Ox Blood Out of stock

Curren Speckled (dark) Ox Blood

Brent speckled Kiwi Out of stock

Brent speckled Kiwi

Freddie Out of stock


Raul Out of stock


Asymmetrical Speckled Emerald Hoops Out of stock

Asymmetrical Speckled Emerald Hoops

Albie Speckled Sand Out of stock

Albie Speckled Sand

Albie Black Out of stock

Albie Black

Albie Speckled Kiwi Out of stock

Albie Speckled Kiwi

“Mini” Albie Speckled Blush Out of stock

“Mini” Albie Speckled Blush

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