Otie.Co next restock is Friday October 29th @ 8pm est


Q: I went on the website and all the earrings say sold out, how do I order?

A: We do restock typically Sunday evening at 8 pm EST. The restock information will always be listed on our website as well as our Instagram: @otie.co


Q: I had earrings in my cart and when I went to checkout, they said “Sold Out.” Why is that?

A: This is a way that Shopify protects the seller, so even if an item is in your cart, it is not yours until checkout is completed with a form of payment.

Q: I got makeup on my earrings, how can I remove it?

Getting makeup on your earrings is bound to happen. If this does happen to you, simply use a cotton swab or cotton ball with a little acetone or rubbing alcohol and gently rub the makeup off! It comes or quickly and won’t leave any residue on your earrings.  

Q: I got an email that my package has shipped, why does my tracking still say “in pre shipment?”

A: Often, USPS can take a few days to update, especially if it was sent out prior to the weekend! We recommend waiting 4-5 days and if your order remains stagnant, please reach out to us!


Q: I have not received any status or update on my order, what is going on?

A: Shopify can only send shipment notifications via email. If there was no email put down, you will not receive tracking/shipment updates.


Q: How long will it take to receive my package once it has shipped?

A: For all orders that are placed in the United States, it takes around 3-5 business days to receive your package once it leaves our hands. For all our lovely customers outside of the country, it can take between 10-40 business days once the package is in the hands of USPS.


Q: Does COVID change my shipping and delivery time?

A: Yes. Right now, due to COVID, all our orders in the United states take between 3-7 business days. All our out of country orders can take up to 50 business days from the time your package is in the hands of USPS to being delivered to your door.


Q: I bought the Wholesale Guide/Growing your business Guide and I cannot find it in my mailbox, where is it?

A: We email your guide within 1 business day of purchase! If you still do not see it, please check your junk mail as it may have been sent there.


Q: My package says delivered but I do not see it! What should I do?

A: Please contact your local USPS and let them know. If you file a claim and then send that claim to us, we will file one on behalf of your package as well.


Q: I would like a custom order made, is that possible?

A: Unfortunately, due to high demand, we do not do one off custom earrings. If we could send each one of you exactly what you wanted, please know that we would!


Q: I ordered “Second Chance Restock” earrings. Where are they?

A: Our second chance restocks are our way of trying to give our beautiful customers a second chance if they were not able to snag a pair during our regular restocks. Please note that they are made to order and therefore take anywhere from 10-14 business days to ship out.


Q: I ordered the Artists choice Sherbys but was hoping for a different color. Can I exchange them?

A: As stated on the listing, these earrings come from a slab and will vary in color and pattern. When choosing this earring, you are accepting that it is the Artists choice and taking a bold but beautiful risk on having one of a kind earrings. We do not allow returns or exchanges for these